Growth Engine for Mobile Apps
AppWheel helps you grow your mobile app subscription business with best-in-class tools and services. View and manage your subscription business in one place.
Know your
AppWheel will help you discover who is buying your product. Check detailed actions performed by each customer.
Different customers,
different strategies
AppWheel will help you target all types of users with different offers.
Act on time,
with insights
from your stats!
AppWheel notifies you when your numbers change so you can act quickly and make sure your money is well spent!
Automate your
Free yourself from manual work. Set triggers for offer changes, based on different user actions and seasonality. All in AppWheel!
Run multiple tests
at the same time
Simply drag-and-drop to create test pages for different types of users. AppWheel will help you find the best combination so you can scale efficiently!
Set up once.
Manage it
all in one place!
Free yourself from manual work by setting triggers for offers based on different user actions and seasonality, all in AppWheel!